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Brian C. Kennedy,  AEP®, AIF®, ChFC®,CMFC®,CRPC®,CSA® CLTC®, LUTCF®

Brian C. Kennedy,  AEP®, AIF®, ChFC®,CMFC®,CRPC®,CSA® CLTC®, LUTCF®

Wealth Planning Advisor and President

From an early age, Brian was taught the importance of planning ahead and making financial decisions carefully. His father passed away when he was only 7 years old, and his mother had to find a way to provide for her young family with little education or outside support. While things were far from easy, Brian credits his mother’s smart money decisions and proclivity for saving as the main reasons they were able to get through those difficult times.

Brian learned early on how to work hard, and he grew up doing many odd jobs to earn money as a paperboy, busboy, waiter, and more. His mother would often tell him, “Work hard, save, invest, and most of all, you can be anything you want in life as long as you’re helping other people.”

These words were a guiding principle for Brian throughout much of his life. When he entered college, her advice about helping others, as well as her example of careful financial planning throughout his youth, inspired him to become a financial advisor. He wanted to help others protect themselves from similar unexpected circumstances through smart money decisions, as his mother did.

Brian attended the Harrisburg Area Community College for two years before entering the financial industry in 1993. He continued to attend the American College of Financial Services and the College for Financial Planning during this time, and has since earned numerous certifications, including AEP®, AIF®, ChFC®, CMFC®, CRPC®, CSA®, CLTC®, and LUTCF®. Brian continues to commit himself to updating his financial education at every opportunity, and is a dedicated lifelong learner.

With over 28 years of experience in the financial industry, Brian delivers a high level of expertise to his clients in areas ranging from investing to insurance planning. Helping his clients to solve problems and seeing them successfully achieve their goals is what drives Brian in his work each day, and his honest approach allows him to be an advisor, as well as a teacher, guide, and friend to each client.

Brian spent most of his life in the area and continues to live in Camp Hill, PA, with his wife, Kim, and their son, Caelan. The mother who worked so hard to provide for him is now in Brian’s care, and Kim provides much-needed support in tending to her needs. Brian’s family is everything to him, and they motivate him to work hard and help others every single day.

Brian enjoys boating, skiing, and working out, but can equally appreciate a quiet afternoon with a good book. He loves spending time with friends and family, and taking vacations with his loved ones. He spends much of his time coaching his son’s T-ball and soccer teams, and cheering him on as both a coach and a proud dad. He is a member of FPA, NAIFA, and EPC, and an avid contributor to the American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association.

Brian’s ultimate goal in his personal and professional life is to know that he helped others, took nothing for granted, and worked hard to achieve his goals.