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Amanda Bachman

Amanda Bachman

Wealth Client Services Administrator

Born and raised in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania, Amanda’s humble childhood home had three bedrooms and one bathroom, which she shared with her parents, three siblings, two dogs, and three cats.  As she watched her father and stepmother work tirelessly to support the family, while also volunteering with the church so that the children could attend Catholic school, Amanda quickly learned the value of hard work and helping those in need.

Amanda was the first person in her family to attend a university after high school. While there, she realized that the only way to change the circumstances in her life was through earning an education. Education has allowed for her to make better choices – a philosophy she has applied to her personal life as well as her professional career.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in social work from Millersville University in 2013, she spent five years as a social worker, helping families cope with and overcome from devastating losses; loss of loved ones, loss of finances, and loss of hope for their future.

After five years, Amanda realized she wanted to help people, but in a different way. With the new goal of working with people before their losses by helping them to plan for uncertainties in advance, Amanda decided to pursue a new career path in personal finance. 

In 2019, Amanda started working as a case manager specializing in life insurance at Crump Insurance Services. While there, she learned the life insurance process quickly and became the liaison between the advisors, underwriters, and insurance carriers, ultimately helping to get life insurance policies issued for families across the country. In 2021, Amanda joined the KCA Wealth Management team with the goal of continuing to help families prepare financially for both the expected and unexpected areas of life.

Amanda currently resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her 4-year-old Australian Shepherd, Charlee, whom she enjoys traveling with to different hiking trails. She earned her yoga teacher training certificate in 2016, and teaches yoga and meditation to family, friends, and community groups.