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Situational Support & Additional Services

Financial Advice for Every Situation

At KCA Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, holistic financial planning services. This approach enables us to fill any gaps in our clients’ plans and ensure they’re protected against all of life’s unexpected turns. But if you’re not quite ready for comprehensive financial planning, there are many other ways that we can help you to become more financially secure and more confident in your future.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

If you have an investment portfolio—whether you’ve set it up yourself or under the guidance of another advisor—we can take a look and provide a second opinion on your investments. We’ll assess the level of risk in your portfolio, and provide recommendations on how we think your investments could be improved.

Insurance Audit

Insurance isn’t just a health concern; it’s a wealth concern too. Your insurance coverage provides for those unexpected needs that you can’t always plan and save for, and it’s important that you have the right coverage (and the right amount) for your individual situation. We’ll go over all of your insurance plans and provide a comprehensive review of each of them. Then, you’ll get our honest feedback on whether or not the coverage you’ve purchased is appropriate for your needs.

Estate Planning

We’re not just experienced financial planners here at KCA Wealth Management; we’re accredited estate planners too. We have the background and knowledge to assist with your estate planning and help you to understand how it relates to your overall financial planning. Ensuring that your legacy is preserved and your assets are properly distributed is not something that should be left to chance. We can help ensure that every contingency is properly planned for.

Whatever your financial situation may be, KCA Wealth Management has the knowledge, experience, and services you need to plan for a better future.