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Our Approach

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” — Charles Spurgeon

At KCA Wealth Management, we believe our responsibility is to help each client make the most of their wealth management—and seize new opportunities to truly enjoy life. From our first meeting and throughout our relationship, our priority is to truly know who you are so we can help guide you to the life of your dreams.

Our Promise to You

When you work with KCA Wealth Management, you can expect a team of caring professionals who are by your side through every life change and market fluctuation.

We promise to:

Keep You Informed and Educated

We want you to always understand your financial life and feel a sense of confidence in your future—and we believe education is the foundation. Using real-life examples, we'll bring complex topics to life and walk you through our strategies for pursuing your goals.

Build a Clear Plan for Supporting Your Goals, Vision, and Values

Investing without a clear plan is similar to starting a journey without a map: You'll go somewhere, but the trip will be circuitous and challenging—and you probably won't end up where you hoped to arrive. Outcome-focused strategies are at the heart of our work, so we help you build a path to your goals as clearly and quickly as possible.

Eliminate Unseen Risks

We think surprises have no place in well-planned wealth management and see risk as anything that can keep you from achieving your goals. From high tax liabilities and account fees to missing powers-of-attorney or insurance documents, new clients often carry unrecognized risks. Before directing our attention to your greatest opportunities, we focus on uncovering—and filling—every gap in your financial life.

Provide Objective Support

As an independent financial services firm, we are client advocates, not product pushers chasing quotas or commissions. You will have access to a full universe of investments and opportunities, and our recommendations will always reflect what we feel is in your best interest.

Synchronize Your Entire Financial Life

Your financial life has many components—and they all need to work together. We will collaborate with your other professional advisors, including attorneys and CPAs, to align our individual expertise toward your unique needs and goals.

Turn Down the Noise

From TV pundits to online “experts,” investment hype and opinions are everywhere. With information constantly bombarding everyone, determining what is relevant and credible can be difficult. Our team applies meaningful data and planning to your specific needs and priorities—so you can tune out the chatter and focus on enjoying your life.

Love and Treat You Like Family

We think you deserve financial allies who truly invest in your success. For the rest of your lives and across generations, we are here to provide you and your family with straightforward, caring advice you can depend on.

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