Dylan T. Warfield,                                                              AIF ®, FPQP ™, CLTC ®

Dylan T. Warfield, AIF ®, FPQP ™, CLTC ®

Wealth Planning Advisor

As far back as elementary school I was interested in the financial world. My curiosity all started when my mother and I would go to our traditional Wednesday morning breakfast before school. While eating, we would talk about everything related to money. Questions like “What is a credit card”, “What is interest”, and “How do you know how much to tip the waitress” would be our usual topics.

The conversations I had with my mother were always fueled with the values of hard work, financial discipline, and patience instilled in me at a young age. One lesson was - if you didn't have the money, you couldn't afford it. I have carried this lesson and many others in the way I conduct my personal and professional endeavors.

As I started to get older I was always thinking about money. When I was around ten years old, I went to our neighbor's homes once a week to collect their aluminum cans. Once I had the trash bags full, I would take them to the scrap yard to help fund my college education. I then became a lifeguard, working as much overtime as possible to save money for my first car. The feeling you get when your hard work pays off is not only satisfying but rewarding.

In practice, I apply the values instilled in me at a young age to better serve our clients. I take pride in my ability to listen to our clients' goals and understand their financial needs and goals. By listening and advising, we can more effectively assist our clients in obtaining the lifestyle they envision.


Dylan Warfield is a graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. He is a member of the Estate Planning Council of Central Pennsylvania, Inc., is  licensed for Life, Accident and Health in Pennsylvania. 

Dylan instructs continuing education credit courses in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas. These courses are hosted and sponsored by a third-party corporation that specializes in providing continuing education credits to Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys.

In March 2016, Dylan studied abroad in London, England focusing on international financial markets.  He studied the insurance marketplace at Lloyd's of London, the process of Standard and Poor's crediting, and risk management at Deloitte.  In addition, at Oxford University he studied the role of the Central Banks, the European Union, and possible side effects of the Brexit (British Exit) from the European Union.

Dylan has a 7 year old son, fiancé Samantha and in his spare time he likes to golf, ski, bowl, and spend time with his family.


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